Executive search

It all starts from a thorough analysis of the situation and the client’s needs. We then define a detailed candidate profile on which to base our focused search plan. Our strong relationships with senior executives and our wide networks allow us to identify and approach potential candidates. Our experienced consultants are able to access them, confirm their credentials and experience and ensure that the proposed candidate has the right motivation to match our client's requirements and will bring value and competitive advantage.

We provide support throughout the interview phase, give timely feedback, complete reference checks and manage the job offer negotiations; this includes assisting a successful candidate during the resignation process, dealing with counter offers and keeping in touch with both client and candidate after the job start to ensure a smooth transition. The search progress and results are discussed on a regular basis and adjustments made quickly when necessary.

The executive search assignments are retained and exclusive.


Talent mapping is a service which charts individuals in targeted companies according to their skills, competencies and capabilities, and demonstrates who they are in terms of level of responsibility and authority within the company on an organisation chart. It gives the client the opportunity to analyze the marketplace; to see which external talents are available and to compare them with its own pool of professionals, to improve the succession plan process and create a valuable talent pipeline. This service is also used in cases when the client might want to make sure that internal promotion is preferable to external hiring, or to check whether specific skills and expertise exist in the market. We organize client meetings with several professionals with the appropriate level of experience and seniority.

The fee for mapping service is agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Management Selection

If a company has already carried out its own search or used the services of a recruitment provider, but without the desired result, or if time has become a critical issue, Acuris can offer a fast and efficient solution. We quickly review the search that was already performed, reveal the gaps and using our experience in conducting similar searches, our network and contacts, we can approach not previously identified professionals and present them to the client within a week or two. In this case we would still provide the same support level as for an executive search concerning feedback, references, offer management, resignation etc. 

Please see recent projects section to learn more about our recent assignments and searches and case studies.

This is a contingency service without any upfront costs.


Outplacement is a job search assistance to dismissed employees in case of termination of employment relations between the employer and the employee. Need for the outplacement service usually arises in case of corporate restructuring and when the need for staff redundancy emerges. Outplacement aims at soothing the negative moments of the very fact of dismissal process and allows preserving the positive image of the company in the eyes of its employees, including the recently terminated ones.

Acuris provides senior and top-management outplacement services.

While working with Candidates, we consult them on preparing CV and related documents, coach them on passing personal and competencies based interviews, provide feedback with recommendations on their results, and develop an employer-centric route-to-market strategy. Further steps include identification of potential employers and organization of primary interviews. 

Outplacement service is retained.

We also support our сlients with their specific requests and ad-hoc projects and offer efficient tailor-made solutions.

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